Our Belgian batteries ignite a sustainable world in motion.

At our Pulson facility in Belgium, we develop and produce battery packs focused on micro mobility and e-mobility.

Thanks to our local manufacturing, we assure a sustainable short supply chain between production & first usage, leading to less emissions and an increased lifetime of our battery packs. We stand by our customer’s side from design to production, to make motion and mobility smarter and more sustainable, with a strong focus on connectivity and efficiency.
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Smart BMS-system
We are committed to make energy systems smarter, by making them more connected.
Our BMS (Battery Management System) enables to monitor batteries from a distance, making things easier for both customers, technicians and manufacturers. Less displacements, less time, less emissions. We develop smart BMS in accordance to the customer's requirements and our expertise to reach the best performances, by improving basic functions such as battery charge, discharge, cell balancing, cell configuration and integration of different user profiles to improve the lifetime, up to twice more as a traditional Smart BMS.
Raw materials
We are committed to use the best materials by working with the leaders on the market.
Due to our evolution, we work directly with LG and Samsung, two market leaders recognized worldwide for their efficiency in cell production, offering the best performance on the market.
Our approach
By combining our knowledge with yours from the beginning, we streamline the creation of custom lithium-ion batteries in order to give you the best quality, at the best price.
There are many aspects involved in building a battery powered vehicle. All these aspects have an impact on the cost and the quality of the battery. By streamlining this process we can reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

We also provide international transport, product certification and consulting on national and international regulations. Our partnership implies the utmost confidentiality and security to protect our clients’ projects.

Our mission: optimize the battery pack by being at your side from the start.

Our expertise
As a renowned battery supplier for the e-bike market with global clients, we have built up years of experience in battery systems.
Our expertise combined with our in-house R&D department enables us to develop energy solutions for a wide range of e-mobility applications. Furthermore, we only use LG and Samsung cells to ensure the quality of our batteries. By collaborating with this market leader we have access to the latest technology, the latest cells and years of expertise in batteries.

We develop both standard batteries as well as special custom-made products, using only the most suitable components in order to develop energy storage that meets the highest standards.
Powered by Pulson
Pulson contributes to a cleaner future, through the development of smart, efficient and responsible use of energy.
By making high quality batteries, we are able to prolong their life span. Our connected BMS system makes it possible to check data from a distance and thus avoids unnecessary movements. Day by day, our company contributes to making small steps to sustainable and efficient mobility solutions.

We take pride in facing this massive challenge and are boundlessly motivated to optimize the energy consumption of tomorrow.
Located in Belgium
In-house design and production
ISO certification pending
Focused on e-mobility